jared grace


Based out of Pittsburgh, Jared Grace is an energetic alternative pop group consisting of its namesake Jared Grace as well as band members Pete Wentz, Korey Schroder, and Luke Kulak. Jared took on the band in November, 2016 to help with an increase in shows. Following the release of his debut EP "Boy v. World" on January 21, the band has continued as a stable line-up both in the studio and on stage.


Blending stylistic ideas from a wide variety of artists like twenty one pilots, Jon Bellion, and Coldplay, Jared Grace has managed to create a unique sound all their own. Jared's music is a "nice change of pace from many pop songs out there" as reviewed by ReverbNation and their song "The Girl in Blue" has been described as a "gem" by top A&R reps at Universal Music Group. 


Vocals, Guitar / Jared Grace
Keyboard, Backing Vocals / Pete Wentz
Guitar / Korey Schroder
Drums / Luke Kulak



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Boy V World

by Jared Grace